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November 18 2017

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Alexander Skarsgård answers fans’ questions at the Edinburgh International Film Festival - 24 June ‘15 (x)

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8 years ago today: Alexander Skarsgård attends GQ ‘Men Of The Year’ Party at Chateau Marmont on November 18, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Alex was invited because he was in their Men of the Year issue for the Men of True Blood.

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…my goodness but that’s a very inviting looking lap Mr.Skarsgard. Would you mind very much if curled up on it and purred like a kitty?

November 17 2017

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Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg for Dior magazine (Winter 2016). My edit.

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@People magazine Sexiest Man Alive 2017 issue: The Skarsgård brothers are in the sexy brothers section (Pg. 149):

Gustaf, Bill & Alexander Skarsgård

Scary Swedes! Bill, 27, enjoyed seeing Gustaf, 37, and Alexander, 41, “jump while watching my performance” as killer clown Pennywise in It. Alexander won an Emmy (and a passionate kiss from costar Nicole Kidman) for his creepy star turn in Big Little Lies. The clan (including four other brothers and a sister) is close and freewheeling. “I grew up in a madhouse!” Alexander told Chelsea Handler earlier this year.” [actually that was in 2016]

Issue dated November 27, 2017. My edit.



ok I have blacklisted Star Wars Spoilers and SW Spoilers. And I still see Spoilers please TAG

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Joel Kinnaman in @thr (11/15/17). Read the article here.  📸 Eric Michael Roy @justjoelkinnaman

thank you Skarsjoy!

November 16 2017

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Tessa Thompson photographed by Nino Muñoz for ELLE Canada

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The Matrix (1999)

November 14 2017

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Henry Cavill attends Justice League World Premiere, L.A | November 13, 2017

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Photos from Cuppen (2006) starring Alexander Skarsgård, Wandile Molebatsi and David Boati. 📸 Fanny Oldenburg

Cuppen was released in South Africa July 7, 2006, and in Sweden on November 14, 2006.

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@goldderby: Hey, Alexander Skarsgard: Is your Golden Globes speech ready yet for ‘Big Little Lies’?

According to Gold Derby’s combined odds, the race for Best TV Supporting Actor at the 2018 Golden Globes will end with Alexander Skarsgard (“Big Little Lies”) standing at the winner’s podium. All of our industry experts and website editors, plus 22 of our Top 24 users, are predicting that the Swedish actor will take home his first Golden Globe after decades working in the industry. Do you agree with our prognosticators that Skarsgard will prevail at the Globes? Sound off down in the comments section.

Earlier this year Skarsgard won an Emmy for his supporting role of domestic abuser Perry Wright on HBO’s red-hot limited series. His on-screen wife Nicole Kidman also prevailed at the Emmy Awards as Best Movie/Mini Actress, as did co-star Laura Dern for Best Movie/Mini Supporting Actress. Overall, “Big Little Lies” won eight Emmys including Best Limited Series and Best Director for Jean-Marc Vallee.

While “Big Little Lies” is Skarsgard’s most respected project so far, he’s given a vast number of performances over the years that have earned him an international fan base. He played Eric Northman on “True Blood” (2008-2014), Sgt. Brad “Iceman” Colbert on “Generation Kill” (2008), Commander Stone Hopper on “Battleship” (2012) and John Clayton/Tarzan on “Tarzan” (2016), to name just a few of his other notable roles.

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November 13 2017

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Italy 0-0 Sweden 2nd Leg Last Chance World Cup ‘18 Qualifying Play-off’s - Sweden are through, (1-0 on aggregate) they will be playing in Moscow next summer!! (x)

Bra gjort Sverige!!! Aww but Buffon! Crying for him and the Azzurri.


That’s what it’s all about - lycka till Sverige, du behöver det!! (x)

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Brad ❤️😍

This old now, but fabulous gifset, was made by @henricavyll 

November 12 2017

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Idris Elba photographed by Victor Demarchelier for Esquire

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Magazine Roundup #21 - Alexander Skarsgård bald head edition 💇🏼‍♂️ / #TheHummingbirdProject

Alex attended the Louis Vuitton ‘Volez, Voguez, Voyagez’ Exhibition on 10/26/17 in NYC and caused quite a stir with his haircut…

I debated whether to post these, but Alex and his newly half-bald head have made a lot of the entertainment rags…(mostly in Australia, so thank you BeerWolf for sending me those). I think Alex is getting a kick out of his new ‘do and the reaction to it, and it does give some publicity for his new movie, The Hummingbird Project so I’m posting. We can all use a little humor these days and I don’t think Alex would take these too seriously. 😬😜

  1. OK! (Australia, November 2017) - photo from BeerWolf
  2. New Idea (Australia, November 13, 2017) - updated with my digital scan.
  3. Who (Australia, November 13, 2017) - photo from BeerWolf. Also in this issue, Alex was chosen as one of the sexiest people of 2017.
  4. ?? (Australia, November 2017) - Mr. Burns (ha!) photo from BeerWolf
  5. Veckans Nu (Sweden, November 2017, no. 37) - my digital scan. ‘From Hunk to Monk’ - Now it’s cut! Otherwise, hunk Alexander Skarsgård, 41, recently showed up in a new unexpected haircut. However, the whole thing is not his own choice but for the upcoming movie, The Hummingbird Project.’
  6. Us Weekly (US, November 13, 2017) - my digital scan - they say Alex ‘danced to Lil Wayne with pals Justin Theroux and Alicia Vikander.’🕺
  7. Entertainment Weekly (US, November 10, 2017) - my digital scan. Ouch! I used to love it when EW included him in their Bullseyes, but this one not so much. It it stings a bit since they insulted teased him twice. I’m not posting the scan but you can see it here.
  8. Heat (UK, November 4-10, 2017) - my digital scan. This one was hella rude but he looks so cute. Another one I’m not posting but you can see it here.
  9. Variety (US, November 7, 2017) - my digital scans - WWD Report Card. B+ They liked the suit.

*Alex is currently filming The Hummingbird Project in Quebec. It’s set to shoot until mid December 2017, so he should have this look for awhile. He’s still handsome as ever and will always be my Sexiest Man Alive. 😍

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Margot Robbie
9th Annual AMPAS Governors Awards, Los Angeles | November 11, 2017

November 11 2017

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