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October 09 2017

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aracnemorgana: No words … how handsome and how nice!! 

geo-tagged from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, taken October 8, 2017

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andrewjones1980: Alexander Skarsgård, @zurichfilmfestival 2016.

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….this is the guy I like. And by like, I mean fucking adore. 

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October 08 2017

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News! Some information was revealed at NYCC on Comedy Central’s new season of Drunk History (and when we can expect to see Alexander Skarsgård in it!)

Jack McBrayer was the moderator for Drunk History at NYCC Day 2 on October 6, 2017.[x]

Alex, Jack and Mandy Moore will be in the Clara Barton episode. They shot their scenes in May and Alex posted a photo of Jack on his Instagram.

There will be a Christmas episode then the season will start in early 2018.

sources: BeerWolf/Delish; 📸 Jack & Co., Alex, Jack, Jack & Mandy

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2018 Golden Globes: 5 TV actors looking for first nominations via @goldderby

The 2018 Golden Globes will likely see a huge embrace of new nominees, as is the case every year, and actors with some of the biggest online fan bases could finally call themselves nominees. Here are five notable TV actors in contention to receive their first Golden Globe nomination this year.

Alexander Skarsgard (“Big Little Lies”)
Fresh off his first Emmy nomination and win for “Big Little Lies,” Skarsgard could very well repeat his success at the Golden Globes. Skarsgard played villainous businessman Perry Wright in the acclaimed HBO limited series, abusive husband to Nicole Kidman’s Celeste. Skarsgard is also a bit of a sex symbol, and voters will probably want him up onstage accepting an award.

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Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh, how am I going to cope with more stress!!!! 🙏



@askarsismybb I heard it’s your birthday!  Happy birthday, lady!  I hope it’s as awesome as you are!  🎈🎂🎉❤️

October 07 2017

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Happy birthday @askarsismybb wishing you a day full of love and wonderful surprises Tammy. May the coming year be equally awesome too my very dear friend, lv and forever hugs, Suzanne ♥x

October 06 2017

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Alexander Skarsgård and Tessa Thompson in War on Everyone (2016)

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  • rexdanger: That’s a wrap! A shoutout to all my new Fuerteventura homies. I know your memory isn’t great but I will never forget you. #thekillteam
  • 20:56
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    Look at me. 

    Claire ║ Jamie [3.02]

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    October 05 2017

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    Hänt Extra (Sweden, October 3, 2017) - Alexander Skarsgård, Joel Kinnaman and wife Cleo and Big Little Lies stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and Zöe Kravitz. ‘Alexander Skarsgård took home an Emmy.’

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    October 04 2017

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    Happy Birthday Christoph!! 

    Happy Birthday, Christoph Waltz!

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    ….the largest free standing tower of fuck-bait in the world. 


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    Reese Witherspoon mentioned her Big Little Lies co-star Alexander Skarsgård in a recent interview:

    Alexander’s portrayal of Perry made him a hate figure for fans because of his despicable behaviour.

    However, Reese insists in real-life he couldn’t be a more lovely man.

    The 41-year-old blonde beauty said: “The funny thing is that he was away when the show came on and he came back and people were like, ‘I hate him,’ because he’s such a mean, horrible, evil person. But in real life he’s the sweetest, most docile, lovely guy.”

    Sources: article (thank you, AS!) photo from BLL event on 7/25/2017

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    It’s a mixed feeling when everything you’ve ever wanted in making films is coming true, and yet you feel scared because it’s happening all at once. Suddenly you’re in rooms with people you’ve looked up to for years, the Judi Denches. You wonder if you’re good, if you have what it takes.

    Happy 29th Birthday, Alicia Amanda Vikander! (October 3rd, 1988)

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    October 03 2017

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    Alexander Skarsgård visited the Sky Lounge in Munich, Germany, on September 30, 2010.

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