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January 31 2018

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#Mute is featured in the March 2018 issue of @SFXmagazine with new photos and quotes from Alexander Skarsgård! They got to do a set visit in 2017 when they were shooting in Germany.

Quotes from Alex:

“He and his girlfriend Naadirah have been together maybe four months,” Skarsgård explains. “She goes missing one morning and he’s trying to figure out what happened to her. She was quite emotional the night before, and talked about having to leave Berlin, so it’s not like, ‘Oh, she was kidnapped, I gotta go save her.’ It’s a question of, ‘Did she break up with me? Did she just take off without saying goodbye?”

SFX: It must, we suggest to Skarsgård, be pretty peculiar to have the title role, but not a single word of dialogue. What’s been his approach?

Alex: “We’re two months in, and I have no idea!” he laughs. “I had no idea how to approach it, and it was scary. I got together with Seyneb [Saleh], who plays my girlfriend, about three weeks before we started to rehearse a couple of scenes, and I was terrible! We improvised some of that, and I felt like I was doing a pantomime, because my instinct was to speak, then I’d have to suppress that, it threw me off. I realized I had to get to a place where my language is physical, or you can tell the story through my eyes; to get beyond the point where you try to say something and then fight it.”

“There’s one corporation called Volkea,” Skarsgard said, “Which is a hybrid of Volvo and Ikea! The Swedes are gonna take over! You subscribe to a carrier like Volkea, then they’ll provide everything from food to medicine and housing - but you’ve gotta be loyal. They’re out in the streets in what’s basically paramilitary gear. They’re sales reps, but look like more like SWAT teams. So it’s pretty bleak.”

“I love the dichotomy of doing something sci-fi, but playing a guy who’s dressed like this,” Skarsgård says. “Who’s not Amish, but still lives by those rules a bit. He doesn’t have a cellphone, doesn’t have a computer. So he’s surrounded by this technology, but is definitely not part of that society.”

My digital scans. Watch the trailer now and the film on @netflix February 23.

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#Mute gifs from @manmademoon (12 & 3) #AlexanderSkarsgard - on @netflix February 23, 2018! Watch the official trailer now!

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#Mute set photos from @we3girls3 (twins Lea & Mia) on Instagram with Alexander Skarsgård, Justin Theroux and Paul Rudd. [1, 2]

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Mute (2018), dir. Duncan Jones

You gonna give me some trouble Big Boy, or are you gonna channel that famous Amish serenity?

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Alexander Skarsgård, Seyneb Saleh - Mute ‘18 - Leo Beiler, Naadirah, Dir. Duncan Jones, Trailer (x

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Alexander Skarsgård as Leo Beiler

Mute (2018) - Duncan Jones

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Mute (2018) Dir. Duncan Jones

November 18 2017

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Alexander Skarsgård answers fans’ questions at the Edinburgh International Film Festival - 24 June ‘15 (x)

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8 years ago today: Alexander Skarsgård attends GQ ‘Men Of The Year’ Party at Chateau Marmont on November 18, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Alex was invited because he was in their Men of the Year issue for the Men of True Blood.

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…my goodness but that’s a very inviting looking lap Mr.Skarsgard. Would you mind very much if curled up on it and purred like a kitty?

November 17 2017

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Alexander Skarsgård photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg for Dior magazine (Winter 2016). My edit.

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@People magazine Sexiest Man Alive 2017 issue: The Skarsgård brothers are in the sexy brothers section (Pg. 149):

Gustaf, Bill & Alexander Skarsgård

Scary Swedes! Bill, 27, enjoyed seeing Gustaf, 37, and Alexander, 41, “jump while watching my performance” as killer clown Pennywise in It. Alexander won an Emmy (and a passionate kiss from costar Nicole Kidman) for his creepy star turn in Big Little Lies. The clan (including four other brothers and a sister) is close and freewheeling. “I grew up in a madhouse!” Alexander told Chelsea Handler earlier this year.” [actually that was in 2016]

Issue dated November 27, 2017. My edit.



ok I have blacklisted Star Wars Spoilers and SW Spoilers. And I still see Spoilers please TAG

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Joel Kinnaman in @thr (11/15/17). Read the article here.  📸 Eric Michael Roy @justjoelkinnaman

thank you Skarsjoy!

November 16 2017

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Tessa Thompson photographed by Nino Muñoz for ELLE Canada

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The Matrix (1999)

November 14 2017

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Henry Cavill attends Justice League World Premiere, L.A | November 13, 2017

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Photos from Cuppen (2006) starring Alexander Skarsgård, Wandile Molebatsi and David Boati. 📸 Fanny Oldenburg

Cuppen was released in South Africa July 7, 2006, and in Sweden on November 14, 2006.

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